VData ActiveX Control
  This ActiveX Control is developed for developers and integrated most features of Visual Data and 2d graphing. Using this control, 2d scatter, curve, 3d scatter, surface, delaunay triangulation network, colormap, contour plot, 3d contour plot and 4d scatter, slices, vector plot, isosurface can be easily created.  

The main features of VData ActiveX Control


2d point
2d scatter plot
2d line plot
3d point
contour plot
3d contur plot
3d vertex plot
3d grid plot
3d scatter plot
3d surface plot
3d graphs based on irregular data
3d delaunay triangles
4d scatter plot
4d vector plot
4d slice plot
4d isosurface plot
4d graphs based on irregular data

Interactive Operations

Move the graph
Zoom to fit
Rotate about X axis
Rotate about Y axis
Rotate about Z axis
View front
View right
View top
View ISO

Graph Output

Copy as bmp
Save as bmp

  Download Demo  



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