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  Visual Math is an easy-to-use math software for school, university teachers and students, can be used to help teaching and studying algebra, geometry, analytic geometry, solid geometry, calculus, multivariate calculus, probability, statistics, complex variable functions, matrix analysis, linear programming, fractal, analytic geometry, sequence of number etc.  



Algebra & Trigonometry

    Functions(linear, power, log, exp, trigonometric, complex)


    Sequence of number(Arithmetic progression & geometric progression)



    Point, line, circle, arc, polygon, fan, ribbon, curve, text etc.

    Dynamic geometry graphing.

    Easy animation.

    2D models: triangles, parallelograms, rectangles etc.

    Model transformations: moving, rotating, symmetrical transformation & scaling.

    Measurement: distance, length, angle etc.

    Parameters & parameter computations.

    Control buttons.


Solid Geometry

    Real 3D view & operations.

    3D point, line, circle, arc, polygon, fan, ribbon, curve, surface etc.

    3D Models: cube, pyramid, cone, cylinder, sphere etc.

    Surface of rotation, extruded surface.


Analytic Geometry

    Line, circle, ellipse, hyperbola, parabola etc.



    Functions, piecewise defined function, even and odd functions, polynomials, rational functions, composition of functions, trigonometric functions, exponential functions, inverse of functions, logarithms, parametric functions, polar coordinate graphs, solving equations.


    Derivatives: graph of derivative function, maximum, minimum & inflexion, tangent line & normal line, curvature circle etc.

    Integral: definite integral in cartesian & polar coordinate systems, the length of a curve.

    Series graphing.

    ODE: vector slope field & isoclines.


Multivariate Calculus

    Graphs of multivariate functions: cartesian, cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems.

    Partial derivative functions: graphs of pdfs, normal line & tangent plane of a 3D surface, normal plane & tangent line of a 3D curve.

    Double integral: graphs of double integrals(cartesian/polar).

    Triple integral: graphs of the domains of triple integrals(cartesian/cylindrical/spherical).

    Surface of rotation.

    Color map, contour plot & vector plot.

    4D function graphing.


Probability Analysis

    16 distributions.

    Probability density function values.

    Cumulative distribution function values.

    Quantile values.

    Means and variances.

    Graphs of different distributions.


    Compute descriptive statistics of selected data.
    Frequency analysis.
    Hypothesis tests - compare means

        One sample Z test

        Two samples Z test

        One sample t test

        Independent-samples t test

        Paired-samples t test
    Hypothesis tests - compare variances

        One sample

        Two samples
    Variance analysis

        One-way ANOVA

        Two-way ANOVA
    Non-parametric tests

        Binomial test

    Regression analysis


Complex Variable Functions

    3D graphs.


Matrix Analysis

    Basic matrix operations: +, -, .*, *, ', determinant, inverse, rank etc.

    Matrix decompositions: LU decomposition, QR decomposition


    Using Newton's method to solve complex equations and generate fractals
    Creating Mandelbrot fractals and Julia fractals on th
is fractal software

Linear Programming

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Object models

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Object transformations - moving, rotating, zooming etc.
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